// double bass


For a quarter of a century Aaron has been providing his big bottom end to a range of musical ventures. Starting off in England and travelling out to Perth traversing several musical styles from 80's Indi Pop to 90's, Folk music and back again. He continues to have the biggest instrument and the worse hair in the band


// violin


The Pamplemousse Collective is Jen's first foray into the world of the blues. As a classically trained violinist she has played with a variaty of emsembles, working as a freelance musician and teacher. Her love of jazz and blues brought her to TPC where she has fit right in after getting over the lack of sheet music.


// voice


Lucile has sung in various classical and contemporary choirs since her childhood, from Acapella groups to large orchestra chorus. She has participated in numerous projects mixing acting, dancing and singing. Her curiosity for various music styles from all over the world has given her a large repertoire to tap into to enrich her interpretation of songs.


// guitar


Charlie is a French Guitarist and has been playing since the age of 12. His style takes its root and inspiration from Blues music and rock from the 70’s which he then mixes with other influences like folk, funk, jazz and world music. He likes to experiment with various sounds using acoustic and electric guitars, weissenborn, resonator or Ukulele.He played in various rock bands, and created The Pamplemousse Collective with Lucile in 2012.


// percussion


Jesus is a Venezuelan drummer with 20 years of experience, he has been part of different bands along the last 14 years, playing rock, pop, indie, and other genres. Moved to Australia in Jan 2012, and started with TPC in Nov 2014 playing cajon in replacement of Mel Britto; since then he has incorporated other instruments to his set for a richer percussion sound bringing new ideas and a latin touch to the band.


The PAMPLEMOUSSE COLLECTIVE are pleasantly surprised when they discover the positive reaction to their Franglais acoustic driven versions of many well-known songs. Audiences genuinely appear happier thanks to the unconcealed joy evident in the way they perform.


Starting off in 2012 as Charlie & Lucile expanded from duo to a band - hoping to flesh out an already successful song - they have brought on board the sounds and influences not only of the other instruments but of other cultures and nationalities.

The goal continues to be to create entertaining and enjoyable music and to bring that music to an ever larger audience. As happy playing at a street corner as a large festival they continue to bring pleasure to all who hear them.

"We like the music lo lift everyone to the same level of enjoyment as we get playing it... if WE love it we figure somewhere, someone else will too!"



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